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Buy Master’s Degree/A Master’s degree is the most common type of postgraduate qualification, and involves a more in-depth level of study than a Bachelor’s degree. They’re designed to let students specialise in an area of study and involves a more in-depth level of study than a Bachelor’s degree. 

They can either be taught or research based courses. It’s classed as a level 7 qualification. 

If studied full-time, Master’s degrees typically take 1-2 years to complete. If studied part-time, they’ll normally take between two and four years. 

You’ll usually need a minimum of a 2:1 at undergraduate level to be accepted onto a Master’s course, although those with a 2:2 may be accepted with relevant professional experience. 

The qualification you receive after studying for a Master’s will depend on your chosen subject and area of study. Master of Arts (MA)Master of Science (MSc) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) are the most popular options – but a Master’s degree can be achieved in anything from history to education. Earning a master’s degree may qualify graduates to work in advanced or executive-level positions 

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